Ultimately, a MGTOW Militia PSYOP should encompass a range of efforts, with a variety of target audiences. First, there is the ongoing effort to reach like-minded people already within the movement and convince them to alter their behavior by actually getting training, then getting outside and practicing what they learn (MGTOW FTX anyone?) and using their gear in a realistic, effective manner.

Second, we have to reach out to like-minded people, amongst libertarians, gun owners, non-political preppers, and groups that should share our goals, whether they realize it or not, and whether they currently share our values and goals or not.

Finally, we have to reach and influence the behavior and mindsets of people intrinsically opposed to our goals and values. In this last case, we’re not concerned with convincing them to side with us, but to either leave us alone or to be so afraid of us, that the mere thought of our presence makes them piss themselves.

The 7-Step PSYOP Process: Apocalypse Advertising: A PSYOP Primer

Brainstorming here: Brainstorming a MGTOW leaflet for distribution.

Let’s get busy men. Hearts and minds.


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